What do you need to know, to feel dive into the game.

  1. You appear in the game as a hero. All actions are performed on his behalf, whether it be fightings, resource gathering, traveling, farming, or village building. Your hero has basic characteristics such as Attack Power,  Health,  Defense, and  Influence.

     You start the game in an abandoned world called Arсanor. A world that people have abandoned due to lack of resources. But the tiny people found the abandoned land suitable for their habitation, and, having escaped from its bowels began to explore new territories. 

  2. The world is divided into three zones: - Auroradia - the land of eternal dawn. A unique bonus for players of this zone is the "Light of Abundance". This blessing allows for improved crop growth and increased food production during daylight hours.

    - Elementara is a zone filled with volatile elemental energies and ever-changing rifts. A unique perk for players in this zone is "Engaging the Elements." Players gain the ability to harness the zone's elemental energies, gaining an increased percentage of primordial elemental mining, as well as stone mineral mining

    - Aquamora is a zone teeming with mystical springs and magical waters. A unique bonus for players of this zone is the "Fountain of Life Force". Thanks to the rejuvenating properties of the springs, the regeneration of plant resources increases in the villages of Aquamora.

    For easy imagination of the world - Arcanor is 5000 leagues long, from Auroradia to Aquamora.

    When you create an account, you appear in a certain zone, and you are assigned a distance marker, where you are, relative to the zero league - the beginning of Arcanor. This will help you to navigate the world around you, as well as understand with which villages you will be easier to trade. After all, the distance from the player with whom you are trading will directly depend on how long it will take you to get the goods you bought, as well as the likelihood that the trade wagon may be attacked by other players or roaming monsters. To upgrade your character, you need to explore the territories, which are conveniently divided into leveling zones. In the Beta version of the game, you will have access to the first leveling zone, on which you will be able to rise up to level 5. But in order for you to successfully conquer leveling zones, you need to level your character, as well as your village, which gives you the necessary resources and people for your army. Remember - everything in your village is interconnected! To start building, you need to collect the necessary amount of resources. At first, this is done with the help of manual farming. Later you will be able to make buildings for automatic farming. However, you can manually collect resourses when you do not have enough auto-farming power, and also if you want to find rare and useful items.

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